trend scanning 2021 with guest contributor aura friedman

trend scanning 2021 with guest contributor aura friedman

Hair visionary and creative director, Aura Friedman takes a deep dive into the emerging trends in color this year.  Known for the creation of splashlights, Lady Gaga’s iconic pink hair period, and countless collabs with every magazine you can think of —Aura is our go-to thought-leader when it comes to the world of color. 


Q: What would you say is the mindset of people right now? Do you think people are going to want to spice things up or keep it simple? 

A: I think the mindset of people right now is either the lowest maintenance possible or the craziest expression of their frustration or joy or anger and pretty much rebellion in the form of expressing themselves through their hair. 

Q: Are there certain celebrities you're seeing right now that are inspiring some hair trends? 

A: Love Lea Seydoux and Charlotte Lawrence, although I’m not paying much attention to celebs. I’m more inspired by authenticity. 

Q: Can you tell me a little about the bleached brights trend? 

Bleached brights is a trend that started during quarantine. People started experimenting with their own hair by bleaching the front of their heads right in their bang area and hair line. It came out of boredom and strong ‘90s influence.



Q: What about rainbow spun?

Rainbow spun is about the expression and manifestation of joy, through the use of bright color. It’s also a form of rebellion!




Q: What is the pastel punch trend?  

Pastel punch is a more subdued but an equally joyful use of beautiful new tones of pastels. Pastel hair color can look great on many skin tones and it’s become universally more accepted. I’ve noticed this trend is huge in the 65 + category. Older women have felt empowered to go pink and peach, and so on.




Q: What’s your definition of opalescent blonde?

Blondes are all about the tone, and this is a multifaceted pearly sparkly blonde with a layer of “dew drops” which is a cool tone I like to float over a slightly warmer tone to keep brightness and add sparkle to every blonde. 




Q: Can you tell me a little about the rustic shades trend? 

Rustic shades are earthy tones like rust, acid, decay, and all the earthy gritty colors. These work on all skin tones, but are especially impactful on African American skin tones. 




Q: What about gilded locks? What are those?

Gold Rush. This is the opposite of all those cool tones that we’ve been inundated with for so long... now people are letting the sunshine in... people want the warmth of gold. It brings color back to pale skin tones and warms up brown eyes.



Q: What advice do you give people who want a true head-turning hair look, on how to maintain it and keep it showstopping? 

Number one: take good care of your hair. And K18, K18, K18.

Q: What's a hair trend you're hoping to see come back in 2021?

Redheads are hot! Actually, this is part of the Rustic trend, but as trends evolve I think I see more redheads on the horizon. Pixie cuts are also making a comeback and that opens us up to endless color possibilities.